Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Still around & still amazed at God

I know, I know; I haven't blogged in what seems like eternity.  Frankly, I got too busy.  Busy with just life & sadly too busy to blog.  But much to the chagrin of the enemy, I am still around & still amazed at God.  Amazed at His wonderful loving kindness, at His creative beauty in creation, still amazed He loves me when I am painfully neglectful of Him.  God is more than I ever imagined & better than I ever deserve.  I love You Father, I love You Jesus, I love You Holy Spirit....blessed Trinity I stand in awe of You.

I subscribe to & DO read "In Touch Ministries" devotionals.  Tonight's was beautiful & set my mind on my truly amazing Father....God.  It started out with Isaiah 40:12-31.....NOPE I am not going to have a spoiler alert....you MUST go read it yourself.  But I will give you a link, www.biblegateway.com where you can go & find God's living word.  The devotional that goes with the companion scripture is as follows:

"If you ask a group of people what God is like, you will receive many different answers.  Some will say He is a force somewhere in the cosmos, while others picture a benevolent grandfather type who overlooks "little sins."  Most of the time, the description given will reveal more about the speaker than about the real Jehovah.  In fact, the true God might surprise you.

As the Father reveals Himself in Scripture, one word that's never used when referring to Him is "it."  God IS (emphasis mine) a person; in every reference, He is given a name (Yahweh, Elohim, Lord) or referred to by masculine pronouns (He, Him).  He fits all the attributes of personhood -- intelligence to reason, emotions to feel, & the will to make decisions.  From Genesis to Revelation, God displays these features.

Scripture also shows God's immutability.  Let us be clear about what that means:  Neither the Lord's nature nor His character ever changes -- He is always Spirit, and His love remains constant.  We can all expect that God's principles & laws will hold true & that He will act exactly as He has promised.  While He does adjust His emotions to fit a situation; delight, anger & other feelings are nuances of His being, not new traits.

God is eternal -- He has no beginning or end.  He is the same yesterday, today & forever.  No one created Him; God simply is.  That's hard for humans to understand, but if the Lord were completely explainable, He would be like us & unworthy of worship.  If we are to honor the Father, we should know Him as He really is -- eternal & unchanging."

I was blessed & reminded by reading Isaiah 40:12-31 of WHO God is.  Reminded by this devotional of His nature & that unlike people He is eternal & will not fail.  I am reminded of my Father, of my first REAL love....Jesus.  Reminded that I just need to slow down, take my time reading my devotionals (I like to read them out loud to my poodles who I hope patiently listen), take time to be amazed by our Amazing God & reconnect with Him to get what my spirit desperately needs daily.  I encourage you....grab your Bible or go online to read God's word.  Reconnect with the Fountain of Living Water.

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