Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Back & Bothered

I went to Bible Study tonight & frankly came away bothered.  One of the men leading tonight's discussion made a comment that frankly bothered me & continues to bother me.  So knowing this blog is here for me to share God's revelation in my life, my walk with Him & a place to vent; here I am....bothered.

This person I know stated tonight that "God's love comes with conditions....He requires us to be faithful, obedient,etc."  Frankly this flat out bothered me when he said it & continues to sit in my craw the wrong way as my Granny would say.  I don't know how anyone could say God doesn't love "unconditionally"....especially if they READ His word.  I pointed out to this person John 3:16, "For God so LOVED the world that He GAVE His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life."  I am sorry but to me that means God unconditionally loved the world that He gave of Himself that none should perish.  No where does it say I had to be faithful before He gave.  That I had to be obedient before He gave.   God loved so He gave.

There is a sweet woman that comes faithfully every Wednesday night she is able.  She is a sweet lady who isn't as mature in Christ as many.  She is older than me in age, but in her walk with God she is a babe in Christ.  She is facing breast cancer right now & I am sure questioning God & trying to stand on His word that "by Jesus' stripes, she is healed."  I can't say I know exactly what she is going through, but I can understand.

Several of my friends who have battled cancer had moments of doubt & weakness.  Who wouldn't when your body is being bombarded by chemo & you don't see any immediate change in your circumstances.  I am praying my friend doesn't doubt God's love for her if & when she has a moment of disbelief; for disbelief is the opposite of faith you know.

If God only loves us when we are faithful & obedient then I really messed up last week when I lost my temper......I guess this means according to that 1 person that I am no longer loved & wasn't forgiven when I asked for His forgiveness.  I love this person, I truly do; but I can't abide by what was being taught in that moment.  I can't idly sit by and not speak up that you....yeah you who may be facing some pretty tough circumstances...God loves you & He cares.  You that might have landed on this page, started reading & stayed....yeah you that may not be living life like God desires.....He loves you & He cares.  That you that lost your temper today...yep you He loves & cares for.  You that may have told a lie, cheated on a test or worse your spouse....yep He loves & cares for you too.

Even though we ALL fall short of the Glory of God....He still loves us & NOT only when we do right.  He loved the world when the majority of the world didn't love Him & weren't walking with Him.  God loved & still loves the world that He sacrificed His Son, Jesus, so that we might have everlasting life with HIM...yeah Him God!  Nothing says love more then giving your all for another....and this is exactly what God did because He loved us all first.

I am praying right now for the 1 that said what he said,  I am praying for all the other people that were in the room hearing what he said.  I am praying for sweet innocent Melanie that she will never doubt God's love....especially in her time of crisis with breast cancer.  I am praying and & all that might read this post won't doubt God infinite love.  You right where you are; you are loved by the Creator of the Universe.  He knew you before the foundations of the earth were formed.  He knew every right & wrong step you ever made & loved you through each step.  He loves you so much He isn't willing to let you stay that way & end up going to hell.  All God asks of you is to confess your sin openly to Him,  Tell Him of your need for a Savior, Jesus.  Invite Jesus into your heart & allow the unending love of God to flow into your life, washing you clean as snow.  But then don't let it stop there....get into a good church group.  Allow His saints to love you, to teach you, to help God make the changes in you He desires to me.  He is a phenomenal Father who loves us all very much.  When we do wrong, He is disappointed in us but still loves us.