Friday, September 9, 2011

Hello Again Russia & Brazil, Welcome Georgia

Well I haven't blogged for quite some time. Logged in to catch up on my reading of friends blogs then checked to see who has been checking out my blog in the past month. What a sweet surprise there were 3 hits from Russia....St. Petersburg, Kazan & Moscow to be precise. Glad to see folks in Russia have found this humble blog. I pray blessings over each reader, that they found a nugget to help encourage them and keep them on their path of faith.

Another nice surprise, 2 hits from Brazil. Hello Pelotas & Rio Grande! Glad to see my follower, whomever you are, from Pelotas is still reading. Sorry I haven't blogged much, just haven't felt inspired to write, but I should get back on it hopefully soon. I pray you have enjoyed what you have read and it has been nourishment to your soul.

Only one hit in the good ole USA....a new place of Mabelton, GA! Hey ya'll down there in Georgia! So blessed to log in and see new places finding this blog. I pray you all faired well during the storms that have hit down there. May the Lord bless & keep, may His glorious face shine upon you!

When God called me to start this blog a couple years ago I was a bit hesitant. I am not an eloquent writer. I am not a theological teacher, haven't been to seminary, who was I to do this thing. Well God has blessed me richly with this endeavour and I pray it has blessed those that have read it. Please come back, often too. Feel free to leave a comment, a quote, a scripture or a piece of revelation you received whether when reading God's word, in prayer, etc.