Wednesday, January 28, 2009


God has been talking to me quite a bit about being His servant. Yes on the last day here, first day in His awesome presence I would very much like to hear Him say to me "good & faithful servant." But most importantly I want to hear Him say....thank you for sharing all I have given you...good & faithful steward.

I have discovered that all servants are bought with a price and there are 2 basic classifications of servants. There are bondservants and indentured servants. Bondservants a bond, or price, was paid for that Hebrew times bondservants loved their masters and willing served even after their time of service was up. Indentured servants are forced to serve due to an outstanding debt or their country was conquered.

This got me to thinking.....what did Jesus do.....Jesus was compelled by the love of God for humankind that He willingly served the Father & us with His ultimate service of love...being the acceptable sacrifice for sin! Do I willing serve Jesus because I truly love Him....or do I serve Him because I am forced? Makes one wonder about the motive of the heart....upon searching my heart I can honestly say I serve Him because I love Him. I know there is NO way to ever repay the gift of love in His sacrifice for me.

I don't have all the answers, but have been pondering my walk with Him more and more these days. Remembering when I first came to Him as a He has healed me of many inward He cleansed me from my sin and made me pure & clean so I can enter the Father's presence....where I want our relationship to go.....

This relationship doesn't just stop at just begins there. Well dear blog reader I must dash for now. I will share in a few days what God has revealed to me about serving.....not enough time today as I am using a friend's computer. Hopefully my own personal "geek squad" will get mine up and running so I can blog more often then once a week. Hugs dear readers & friends.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Welcome to this blog. Let me introduce myself, my name is Bert Bell. I am a child of God on an excellent journey from servant to friend to ultimately Bride. This blog is a log of my journey with God. I post it here to give insight in the journey for others, to be light for those struggling in the wilderness, to give hope to those looking for hope. It isn't here so one could debate religion or to cause problems. May my life with God be a blessing & encouragement to those who read it. For those who don't know God, may this blog show you the love of God and be a vessel to introduce you to my awesome King. This blog in essence is a blog of my relationship with God. Enjoy the journey with me.