Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hospitality & New Beginnings

Well God is doing a work in caution to those still allowed to be part of my life....I am a hard hat zone. God is taking me back to the basics of walking with Him. Stripping off all the religious lies and junk from me. There was a time I walked in unison with others, but that time ended 2 years ago this month. It was an ugly break but a necessary one according to God's own design & plan for my life. It was a hard rough season, but as seasons go, it is now over and there is such peace that floods my soul when I remember it. Thank You Father for Your peace and love.

God has brought me to a new body of believers who are a bit behind where I was, but are working towards the goal of a true intimate walk with Him. They are going over the basics once again, learning how to crawl before they can walk & fly. I know I am there to help encourage them along, to love & serve them as my Lord loves & serves me.

I have been back to flight school. My dearest friend Bob spoke how he once saw me fly and how God desires me to fly yet again. Am working my way back there....learning how to fly once again in worship, in prayer, in to fly in my day to day life. Like a bird who's wings were cut, it has taken a period of time for those feathers to grow back out, for me to trust those wings, for me to learn once again how to take flight and to soar. Some days I like a young eagle fumble a bit and land harshly, but other days I have the confidence and I just soar.

Been down a bit with the flu this weekend, but praising God for it nonetheless as we have had bad weather and icy roads. God always knows what is best for us, even if it doesn't look like His best...for that I am glad. This morning's Sunday school lesson was all about of the gifts He bestowed upon me at birth. It was a wonderful time with Him going over the lesson and hearing how pleased He has been with me that in spite of all I have endured this past 2 years that I am still loving and hospitable to others. That I still open my heart & home to others willingly and without hesitation.

3 John is a short but sweet book of the Bible. It gives the examples, good & bad, of hospitable people. In this short reading the Holy Spirit gave me this: That as the time is growing short, there is such a calling to treat one another in a manner worthy of God. We need to treat others as God Himself treats us.....tenderly and with loving care. Not loving as the world calls love, but as He Himself is love. John 3:16 gives us the perfect example of that love....that God so loves the world that He gave...note that....HE GAVE His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

Three things I discovered this morning about this type of hospitality:

1) We are to show hospitality with pure motives. The Holy Spirit reminded me that I did and still do this. That I serve others for God's glory not my own vanity and fame. He reminded me that my motives are pure when I serve.

2) We are to show hospitality and not expect anything in return. The Holy Spirit reminded me that I don't seek fortune or fame. That I don't seek anything in return for my service; that I show hospitality out of the motive of loving my brothers & sisters.

3) Those who show hospitality participate in the ministries of those to whom hospitality is shown. That when I am serving on family dinner night at church, when I do something special to help someone in need, that I am participating in that person's ministry. That when I am serving others I am serving God's kingdom as a whole.

I used to think that one person couldn't change the world. Perhaps in the larger scale that is true. But one person can have a positive or negative impact on their immediate circle of authority or world. I choose to be hospitable towards others, whether they are deserving or not according to the world. Why? Because of John 3:16.....because God chose to be loving and hospitable towards me; a sinner who didn't deserve such love and grace.

What does all of this have to do with new beginnings? Why loving God and loving others above one's self is the beginning of a most excellent journey. Am back to the basics and beginning a new leg of a most excellent journey. I hope to blog more of my progress and hope you come along for the ride.